Chimney Inspections

For many homeowners, they may not know that their chimneys require repair until the bricks start crumbling. While a complete chimney repair can address the issue, you can get in front of the problems with a regularly scheduled chimney inspection from Downingtown, PA’s, own Tony’s Home Services!

With regular chimney and stucco inspections, you can have a complete picture of what areas of your chimney need immediate attention and strengthening. Discover the different ways we can help inspect and strengthen your chimney today!

Level 2 Chimney Inspections

Level 2 Chimney Inspections are required when a property is changing hands. They are also required when you have had a chimney fire or system malfunction/failure. You will also need one when you are relining your chimney, changing appliances, or fuel types. These inspections offer a non-invasive in-depth analysis of the chimney without damaging the system.  The level 2 inspection makes sure your fireplace is structurally safe, and ready to use.

Stucco Inspections

A vital part of the overall health of your chimney is how the stucco holds up over time. With one of our stucco inspections, you can rest assured knowing that the stucco that’s holding your chimney together is fully intact. We can identify areas where the stucco has begun to weaken and take steps to correct the underlying causes, and get your chimney in excellent shape in no time!

Other chimney services

In addition to providing Downingtown, PA, with thorough chimney inspections, Tony’s Home Services also provides our customers with the following:

● Chimney Cleaning
● Chimney Inspections
● Wood Stoves & Fireplaces
● Chimney Relines & Repairs
● Stucco & Masonry Repair
● And More!

For homeowners in the greater Downingtown, PA, area looking for chimney inspections,
Tony’s Home Services is here to help! Contact our team to schedule your next inspection today!

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