Chimney Stucco Repair

When it comes to broken chimneys in need of repairs, you want to find a team with a proven history of working with various chimney materials. You want a company that knows how to approach each job and apply the right procedures to ensure that fix is a long-lasting one. With the chimney stucco repairs done by Downingtown, PA’s very own Tony’s Home Services, you know your chimney is in good hands.

Finding the best chimney stucco repair company in Downingtown, PA, shouldn’t have to be complicated. With Tony’s Home Services, you don’t have to look far to find the stucco chimney flashing and repair company you need!

Mortar Repair

Some homeowners may see the crumbling mortar of their chimney and think, “I can fix that!” However, in most cases, mortar repairs come down to more than mere brick replacements and covering old mortar. The dangers of handling mortar repairs by yourself lie in how you handle chemical substances like creosote and the overall quality of the repairs.

Whether it’s mortar repair or extensive chimney stucco repair in the Downingtown, PA, area, you want to bring the professionals in to handle the job at hand. Our team has extensive experience rectifying brick pointing issues and mortar repairs while handling any lingering creosote buildup so that we can get your chimney back in good shape in no time!

Brick Replacement

With any chimney repair, sometimes you can’t use a stucco chimney repair without addressing the underlying issues. Using our brick pointing and replacement services, we can get to the bottom of the ongoing problems and get your brick chimney in good condition in no time.

While we go about the brick replacement process, we can also apply FlashSeal at the top of your chimney, where it meets your roof. This elastomeric sealant waterproofs your chimney and extend its life. This will help keep your home in excellent condition for the long haul!’

Other chimney services

In addition to our chimney stucco repair services in Downingtown, PA, we provide our customers with the following:

● Chimney Cleaning
● Chimney Inspections
● Wood Stoves & Fireplaces

● Chimney Relines & Repairs
● Stucco & Masonry Repair
● And More!

For homeowners looking to address the underlying conditions that cause damage to their chimneys, you need a team that you can trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With the help of Tony’s Home Services, you can get your immediate chimney repairs done, and rest assured knowing that the repairs will last for years to come.

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