There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, with a cup of hot cocoa and someone you love by your side enjoying a crisp autumn night. If you have made the decision to upgrade to a gas fireplace, creating that cozy mood should be as easy as flipping a switch. But what happens when you turn it on and your gas fireplace won’t light? 

In these situations, there are some things you need to check immediately and some that can wait until you can get a professional to inspect them. Here’s a helpful checklist you can use when your gas fireplace doesn’t light:

Look for Electrical Issues

Sometimes the ignition issues have less to do with the fireplace itself and more to do with your home’s electrical system. Eliminate the possibility of a tripped breaker or short circuit as the cause before you start inspecting your gas fireplace. Simply flipping the breakers or replacing the fuse can give you the necessary solution to enjoy a roaring fire in no time. 

Check the Ignitor

A key component of your gas fireplace is the ignitor. Once you eliminate the electrical system as a possible culprit, it’s time to check your unit. If you find that the ignition source is sparking, but the fire isn’t starting, it could be a fuel issue. Turn off the gas, and then look at the valves and gas regulators. If you find a blockage or obstruction, clear it, and you can fix the problem quickly. 

Regularly cleaning your ignitor can help protect against issues with your spark ignitor. Clearing out any debris between our ignitor and the thermocouple should help create a clean area for a spark. You can also blow compressed air into the area to remove residual debris, wait a few minutes, and then try lighting it again. 

The Pilot Light Is Out

If you turn the fireplace on and don’t see a flame, your pilot light could be the culprit. You could try to relight it yourself, or you could call in the professionals to take a more thorough look at your system to see if there’s an underlying problem with your system. 

Sometimes the issues with your pilot light tie directly to the tubing attached to your system. If it’s been some time since the last time you turned your system on, pockets of air may have gotten trapped in the tubing, preventing the light from igniting. You can potentially remedy this by holding the button down for a few minutes and letting the air bleed out of the tubing. 

It Could Be the Chimney

Sometimes issues with your chimney could affect how well your gas fireplace operates. Problems with your chimney cap, worn stucco work, or damage further up the masonry work could create a downdraft that can prevent your pilot light from lighting or staying lit for extended periods. Our chimney inspections can help identify potential issues with your system and potentially remedy your ignition issues with your gas logs. 

Sometimes They Need to Be Replaced

Gas Logs and Burners age just like the rest of your appliances in your home and have exceeded their life expectancy. Sometimes replacement parts can be hard to come by, and the cost exceeds the value of a newly well-installed unit. Many manufacturers have gone out of business over the last 20 years or have ceased production of replacement parts. Here at Tony’s Home Services, we understand that, so we help educate you and provide you with new and upgraded options to bring value and warmth to your home.

Call Tony’s Home Services to Fix Your Gas Fireplace

Any time your gas fireplace won’t light, it’s not something you should take lightly. Any issues with the electrical systems, gas supply, or even the pilot light should be inspected immediately so you can avoid any potentially serious problems in the future. Tony’s Home Services has experienced technicians that know what warning signs to look for and can accurately diagnose any issues with your malfunctioning gas fireplace. 

If your gas fireplace doesn’t ignite, call the professionals at Tony’s Home Services for our specialized gas log services in Downingtown, PA, today!

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