Expert Water Heater Services in Downingtown, PA

It cannot be understated how important your water heater is to your home. Without this important component of your plumbing system, you run the risk of cold showers, ineffective dishwashing cycles, and plenty of other hiccups when it comes to routine household chores. So if yours suddenly stops producing the hot water that you’re accustomed to, it’s critical that you find a company offering high-end water heater services in Downingtown, PA, and the surrounding areas to take care of the issue. Tony’s Home Services is the plumbing company you can trust for all of your water heater issues!

From a leaking water heater to a system producing a strange discoloration when you turn on the faucet, our plumbing technicians have seen it all. Whether you have traditional or tankless water heaters, we can take care of any issue you have been having, whether that means repairing your existing unit or replacing and installing a brand new one. Plus, we can help you keep up with your water heater maintenance so that you run into fewer issues throughout its life.

In addition to our water heater services, Downingtown, PA, residents can also take advantage of our emergency plumbing, kitchen plumbing, and bathroom plumbing services. If you’re ready to start improving your home’s water heater, book an appointment with us today!

Water Heater Repair in Downington, PA

Is your water heater leaking? It could be something minor, or it could need significant repairs from a professional plumbing team. Tony’s Home Services’ water heater services in Downingtown, PA, and beyond includes water heater repairs for a variety of issues. From fixing your most pressing issues to routine water heater maintenance, our team will see to it that you have a unit that is free of any problems and provides you with hot water for any task throughout your home. And if that doesn’t work, we can always replace the unit!

Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Not all water heaters last forever, and while some water heater services in Downingtown, PA, may be able to save your unit, some instances may call for a new system entirely. Fortunately, Tony’s Home Services offers water heater replacement services when your current system is beyond salvaging. If you don’t currently have a water heater in your home, our water heater installation services can be just what you are looking for. No longer will you have to struggle with cold showers and a lack of flowing hot water to clean your dishes after meals!

Tankless Water Heaters

Don’t have a traditional water heater? Or are you looking to try something new after your traditional unit wasn’t getting the job done? Either way, our water heater installation services include a variety of tankless water heaters for your home! We specialize in both traditional and tankless units when it comes to our water heater services in Downingtown, PA, and see the many benefits of opting for a tankless heater, including savings on utilities and a longer lifespan. Tankless water heaters are also more compact, meaning you don’t have to worry about a clunky tank taking up all the room in your basement or storage closet!

Signs Your Water Heater is Failing

Sometimes it’s obvious when you need water heater services, but in Downingtown, PA, residents might be subject to a few more subtle signs that it’s time for repairs or replacements. So what are the signs that homeowners need to be on the lookout for? Below are some of the most common symptoms of a bad water heater that might need a replacement.

  • Constantly running out of hot water: Between showers, dishes, and other household chores, you need plenty of hot water — especially if you are in a larger home with more family members or roommates. If you notice you’re running out quickly, give Tony’s Home Services a call.
  • Your water heater is leaking: This is one of the more apparent signs of a water heater issue, as you will see water start to pool in your basement or wherever else you keep your water heater stored. While it could be as easy as tightening some loose valves, it might mean a new unit in some instances.
  • Unusual sounds from your unit: While this doesn’t always spell doom for your water heater, it does mean that something is not right and needs to be addressed. The issue could be anything from clogs in your system to signs of a complete failure; we recommend calling a professional to make that determination.
  • Discolored or smelly water from faucets: If your water looks a bit brown when it comes out of your faucet, or if you smell rotten eggs every time you turn on the shower, you might have an issue. However, you should know that it’s only your water heater if you only experience this while using hot water.
  • Water pressure is lower than usual: Low water pressure leads to faster sediment buildup, which can significantly clog your system. Water pressure is an early signal of water heater failure and should be handled by a company specializing in water heater services in Downingtown, PA, before the problem worsens.
  • Your unit is near the end of its life: Sometimes, your water heater has simply run its course, and the typical repairs aren’t going to do the trick. These are the instances where we recommend a full water heater replacement to give you a unit that should last for years to come.


These are just some of the ways that water heater issues can present themselves, and you should be keeping a close eye on this system somewhat regularly to ensure there are no hiccups. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms around the house, give Tony’s Home Services a call so we can get started on your water heater repairs.

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