If you’re wondering why your home needs a chimney cap, there are many practical reasons for having one. Chimney cap installation is beneficial to both your chimney and your overall home. 

A chimney without a cap can let rain, snow, debris, and animals enter your home through your chimney. Therefore, a chimney cap is an essential part of the chimney system. But what is a chimney cap, and what purpose does it serve?

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What Is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap sits at the top of your chimney, right above the chimney crown. It’s a protective barrier between the elements inside and outside the chimney. Stainless steel or copper mesh are the most popular materials for chimney caps.

What Purpose Does a Chimney Cap Serve?

One of the primary purposes of a chimney cap is to prevent water from getting into your chimney. Under the chimney cap is the flue, the duct that permits smoke to leave your home.

Chimney flues are open, so rain and other moisture can get inside and cause water damage. The chimney cap fits over the opening and prevents moisture from getting into the chimney. 

Not only does a chimney cap prevent water from entering your chimney, but it also controls sparks and embers. This feature protects your home from a roof fire. 

Types of Chimney Caps

There are many types of chimneys, so you’ll also find various caps available for your home. Chimney caps are available in four types of materials:

Many people choose between steel or copper for their chimney cap materials, both of which should last indefinitely. But there are benefits to gain from each type. 

Copper chimney caps offer a stylish and durable look, while stainless steel chimney caps are corrosion-resistant and more robust than aluminum and galvanized steel. Aluminum caps have a rustic appearance that resists corrosion and soot buildup better than galvanized steel caps. However, galvanized steel caps are the most affordable option, but they often require replacement within a few years.

Benefits of Installing a Chimney Cap

Now that we’ve covered the definition of a chimney cap and the purpose it serves, here are the main benefits of a chimney cap. Your home needs a chimney cap to allow your fireplace to operate efficiently and to protect your home from a few potential problems.

Block Moisture From Entering Your Chimney

When you have an uncapped chimney and it rains or snow, the result is moisture getting into your home. Excess water in your chimney can also damage your liners, dampers, and mortar joints. 

Additionally, moisture that enters your chimney can damage your walls and ceiling. There’s also the possibility of mildew and mold growth from this moisture, which can create a health hazard.

Chimney caps prevent moisture from getting into the chimney. This feature protects the chimney’s structural components and important parts of your home’s interior.

Prevent Fires

Burning embers, sparks, and gasses from the fireplace rise into the chimney. These embers and sparks are still lit and can cause a fire or damage your roof — a crucial safety reason why your home needs a chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents embers and sparks from starting a roof fire and keeps them from blowing down the chimney, especially during high winds.

Keep Animals Out

During the colder months of the year, small animals like birds and squirrels feel the warmth of the chimney from the fireplace. As a result, these animals often build nests near or inside your chimney flue. 

It won’t take long for a family of uninvited critters to move into your chimney. These small animals can get stuck in your chimney and cause foul odors. Installing a chimney cap prevents these animals from settling there and saves money on cleaning costs.

Tony’s Home Services Knows Chimneys!

If your home needs a chimney cap, call the experts at Tony’s Home Services to recommend and install a chimney cap for your home. If you’re unsure about what suits your home, we can answer any questions about which cap is best for your chimney. 

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